#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words Toast

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The lovely Sacha ( I am being nice to her this week as she has given a food prompt),  has given us toast this week to use as our prompt word fo her #Writespiration challenge. Now I know it can have other meanings too but I’ll stick with food thankyou very much!

Smothered in peanut butter

Image courtesy of Pixabay

sandwiched with ham and cheese

lavishly filled with bacon

scrambled egg heaped on, please.

How about Nutella

Or perhaps chocolate spread?

Don’t bother with Marmite

That’ll spoil the bread

I’m just a simple girl

And what I love the most toast

Is just plain old butter

Slathered on toast!



    1. Yes, it is, well when I was on the carbs. Peanut butter has to be my 2nd favourite, but I do love bacon in a toasted sandwich, or ham and cheese!! Let’s face it, I am just a greedy sod! 🙂

  1. Covered in poached egg yolk, smeared with peanut butter, loaded with honey or jam, but yes, my fave is just plain butter. Well done! 😀

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