Write a sequel to the last book you read in EXACTLY fifty-two words

#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words The Sequel

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This week for Sacha’s #Writespiration Challenge,  we have to write the start of a sequel to the last book that we read. There is a catch of course, we can only do it in EXACTLY 52 words! This is going to be fun.

The last book that completely read was Sally Cronin’s   ‘Just an Odd Job Girl ‘ which you can find on Amazon here. I apologise to Sally in advance for my feeble attempt at a sequel to her highly entertaining and enjoyable book about Imogen whose husband Peter, ran off with a younger model.  She then finds herself at a loose end and looks to find herself a job. She meets Andrew who runs an employment agency, a handsome man who want to know all about Imogen’s employment history  so that he can find her suitable employment. Imogen then takes us all through some of the interesting jobs that she has had over the years. You must check this book out if you haven’t already, it had me hooked from start to finish!

Imogen and Andrew were so happy sequel

Six months later they wed

Peter gave up his job in banking

And decided to be a house-husband instead.


Work was never an issue for Immy

She was clever, resourceful and fun

Her jobs remained many and varied

Now a new lease of life had begun.










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