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#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words The Persistent Dog

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This week for Sacha’s #Writepiration Challenge, we are to write about the persistent dog. It has to be in 52 words of course just to make things a little trickier.Β Β This one is easy for me as my little Kings Charles Spaniel, Roxy is very persistent.

Whenever my husband is home, Roxy is straight there welcoming him, and once he sits down, she plonks herself on his lap where she stays nearly all evening. I decided one day that I would see how she would react if I sat on Mr Grump’s knee.Β I soon found out! She went beserk barking, twirling around and trying to jump up.

As soon as I got off his lap, she launched herself up there, started bumping against his chest trying to nip his nose and was making some screechy noises! She then looked over to where I was with this kind of one-upmanship, smug look! It is so funny to watch.


Roxy, the dog is so jealous

persistent dog
She looks like butter wouldn’t melt, until she gets jealous!

Her devotion to Grump over-zealous

While sitting on his lap

She barks and she yaps

Her displeasure she certainly tells us!


Although she has her own bed

She much prefers ours instead

Early in the morning

As day is dawning

She sits on Mr Grump’s head!persistent dog



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