#Writespiration 52 Weeks in 52 Words Backwards (Again)

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This week Sacha has really gone all out to make it difficult for us as for out #Writespiration prompt we have to use backwards, but not only do we have to write it in 52 words EXACTLY but we also have to do it backwards!!!

With my arse-about face limerick!

This challenge I’m winning

Despite my head spinning

She’s really taking the mick

I’m actually feeling quite sick


Our story must start from the back!

Such a bloody big ask

She’s set up a task

I‘ll just give her a whack!

I’m cross with Ms Sacha Black



  1. Too funny. you know, I am actually a little scared that you and Ritu might well whack me at the bash this year! I really hope you’re going to make it

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