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Wacky Word Wednesday

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Well, it is Wednesday and  time for yet another weird, wacky, or wonderful word to play with. Today’s word has two quite different meanings.  One of which is to sell something that (in my opinion), you want to get shot of  pretty quickly. Can you guess what the word is yet?….I will put you out of your misery then.

Flog. (verb)

Oooh, this is a harsh kind of a word. It is spanking and smacking, bashing and beating, whacking and whipping the living daylights out of somebody.

Naughty school boys would often get on the wrong side of a strap or a slipper, or castigated with the cane! It is getting one’s arse tanned, or being given a damn good hiding (both of these expressions my nan was fond of)! It is more than just a clip or a clout, more like a larruping or a leathering, or maybe even a thumping or a thrashing!

Thankfully, this is not as popular as it once was!




    1. Yes,it is very common over here to use that expression in regards to selling things. We even have a TV programme called ‘Flog it!’

  1. Do you ever use FLOG to say something is hard work – like walking up that hill was a flog – or getting to the end of that pile of ironing was a flog (don’t know why that came to mind – I never do ironing!)

  2. Sorry Edwina. I guess I’m a product of popular culture but that word I immediately associate with floghing is ’50 Shades of Grey’and several words you used lol. I also think of it in a worse sense as a punishment to people who displeased their lords/rulers/ etc and were beaten badly. Mostly, 50 shades though lol.

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