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Welcome To Edwina’s Episodes

I love writing about the ordinary stuff that we can all relate to.

I like to take a fun look at the lighter side of life. Anything from discovering under-used ‘Wacky Words’  to anecdotes about family life, little poems or rhymes about anything that takes my fancy.  I love a bit of  raunchiness too,  which you can find on the menu under  ‘Tidbit Tuesday.’

Life can be so humdrum and dull at times, but it depends on how you look at it.  We all have those moments where we have cringed at something stupid we have said, or been mortified at making the kind of entrance that ends up with us falling flat on our faces after tripping over our feet.  There is not a lot we can do about it so why not just laugh it off.

Ok, so there may be occasions when laughter isn’t appropriate (those always seems to be the times when you want to laugh the most), but it might make a good story to laugh about afterwards.

I often find myself in embarrassing situations and my way of dealing with it is to just make fun of it and laugh about it later.  I find that other people have found themselves in similar situations so can often relate to my stories. After all,  life is full of opportunities to make a fool of yourself!



This blog is where I like to share those fun stories with you, and hope that you will share yours with me.

So, if you enjoy amusing anecdotes, rollicking rhymes and silly stories then you are definitely in the right place! I also like to take part in various challenges, which are usually poetry based.

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Rhymes of the Times: A Lighthearted Look at Life Through Rhyme.
Rhymes of the Times: A Lighthearted Look at Life Through Rhyme.

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