Writespiration #109 52 Weeks in 52 Words The Break

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I have only just seen Sacha’s #Writespirtation post, so I am a bit later than usual! Anyway her prompt this week is the break.Β Β I am sure you know by now, we have to write our posts in EXACTLY 52 words. Well, I couldn’t resist about a massive break-up that is making the news…

We knew it was coming, of course

Politicians talking themselves hoarse

Time to take action

There can be no retraction

Britain has filed for divorce!

Article 50 triggered in Brussels

Brexit flexing its muscles

May has wound them all up

Should have signed a prenup

There’s going to be plenty of tussles!


  1. hahahaha absolute genius as usual. SO topical. I love that you framed it as a divorce- that’s exactly whats happening and it’s going to be so messy too!

    1. I had just seen all about it on the news and knew that it would fit perfectly for your challenge this week! Thanks for the prompt!! πŸ™‚ ?

  2. Aye, but those of us across the pond.. What a time to be alive.. That’s the most positive thing I can say. x

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