Writespiration #106 5 weeks in 52 Words Thirty

Today for Sacha’s #Writespiration prompt, we are to write about a big birthday. Needless to say, it has to be written in EXACTLY fifty-two words! Sacha is soon to turn thirty, and this is for her!

You brought this upon yourself young lady, I have seen the pictures!! 


A feisty woman named Sach

Leader of the great Blogger’s Bash

Soon will turn thirty

Things will get dirty

When she goes on the lash!


Booze gives her a kick

Too much, and she will be sick

She mumbles “Oh Fuck it”

Hand me a bucket

I’ll be alright in a tick!”





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24 Replies to “Writespiration #106 5 weeks in 52 Words Thirty”

  1. Sacha Black

    PAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH YOU F***ing ledge!!!! THIS IS AMAZING. BEST poem EVER. I just read it to the missus and she was just as impressed as me, she laughed out loud. You’re a rhyming genius I swear it.

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