#SoCS so/sew/sow

An unusual set of words today for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompt. We can use so/sew/sowย any way we like and get bonus points for starting or ending on any of them.

So…where to start. Well as some of you may remember, last year I was lucky enough to become a Great Aunty to two beautiful little girls. Molly and Evie. Something creative happened and I felt compelled to make them lots of baby clothes!

I got out my sewing machine and the seed was sown. I bought lots of fabric, scoured Pinterest for patterns and off I went, like a whirling dervish!! Every chance I got the whirr of the sewing machine would be mingled with a few choice swear words as I refamiliarized myself with my already limited dressmaking skills.

I managed to produce some wonderfulย little dresses, skirts and the most adorableย little pair of trousers that are very funky. I have some pics here of some of the stuff I made for them last year. I am such a lucky so and so!

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16 Replies to “#SoCS so/sew/sow”

  1. willowdot21

    All the clothes are adorable! You are so clever. I wish I would see, come to that do anything like knit see or crochet it is just beyond me. My efforts are laughable! Love this post ! ??

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